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Winry Weiss

WorthWhile White World

28 January 1990
Hello there!

Pleased to meet you. Call me Winry Weiss.

I was born on january 1990, so count my age. But despite it, I still act (and feel) like a kid most of the time. And I'm definitely not ashamed of it.

I live in a strange country in the midst of Europe - Czech Republic. Sometimes it is also called 'the Heart of the Europe'. It is really magical place, but the people here ... well, they are just like people everywhere else, but sometimes I wish I haven't been born here. (National stereotypes? Oh God, yes.)

I am currently attending Palacký University in my hometown, a magnificent historical city called Olomouc. (Which has been voted as one of the Europe’s Hidden Treasures by Lonely Planet publisher.) I am studying Japanese filology, and franky, that means I'm slight masochist, like everyone who picks this field of study. I am not kidding, it is terribly hard.